Digital business card in just 2 minutes

Add an Digital business card with a QR code to your phone for easy contact exchange. It's free!
Business card in your smartphone


  • Paper business card

  • Easy to lose or to leave
  • Should be handed from one person to another
  • You can't change the information on it
  • It's harmful for nature
  • Should be orbered in a print shop
  • Digital business card

  • It's always in your smartphone
  • Contactless data transfer
  • Instant online editing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Absolutely free

How it works

How to create your own digital business card in

Choose a template for your digital business card

Create up to  3 variants of your card with different access levels: public, private or with a link to your page like
3 variants of business card

How to create a digital business card in 2 minutes

  • 1 step

    Sign up for the service

  • 2 step

    Add information to the business card

  • 3 step

    Add your business card to your smartphone