First updates of the service

A month has passed since the start of, our new service for creating multiple links and increasing sales on social networks. All this time we have been actively developing new "things", looking for errors and answering users' questions. Does everything work? Does it work as we intended? Today we can definitely say — YES, a start has been made. So here are the first updates:
1. QR code
A QR code is a barcode that provides information for quick recognition using a camera on a mobile phone. It is generated automatically and contains a link to your page. This element can be added to the "Profile" block or used from the editor. It’s very convenient for meetings, acquaintances and negotiations.
How it works:
  • option A: when you place a QR code on your page and show it at the meeting — and your interlocutor uses the camera and follows the link and gets to your page;
  • option B: you show the interlocutor the QR code placed in the settings, and he goes to your page.
2. vCard
vCard is a digital business card for quick adding a contact to the address book. It is generated automatically and contains the data from the fields that you have previously filled in (name, phone number, company name and so on). This element can also be added to the "Profile" block of your page or used right from the editor. And again, it’s also convenient for different meetings, events, etc.
The way it works:
  • option A: you post a vCard at your page and anyone can add your contact to the address book;
  • option B: you open your vCard in the settings and send it to your interlocutor via messengers or in any other way.
3. Image block
Add beautiful pictures to your multiple link. You can also add links to them if you wish.
4. Podcast block
Put a link to a podcast or your favorite music and add a description.
What else?
  • The maximum number of blocks for the page has been increased;
  • the interface for filling in the "Social networks" and "Messengers" blocks has been improved;
  • display of background on pages has also been improved.
Stay tuned: there are many new interesting things ahead.
If you have not tried our new service yet just do it and share your opinion with us: