Free multilink service for sales via Instagram



Instagram allows its users to put only one clickable link in the description of the profile


Use our service and create a multiple link — good-looking page with unlimited number of links.

Fast start

Get the most out of social media

Turn your subscribers into customers!

  • A multiple link

    A multiple link for every purpose

    We offer you a convenient page builder for Instagram and other social networks. Sign in, choose a template, then add the important information about yourself, your contacts and unlimited number of links. Without any programming and html.

  • Messengers

    Messengers and social media

    Give your clients a convenient way to contact you via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook etc. Consult your customers, answer their questions and earn more. Don’t miss any application.

  • Sales

    Sales and registrations

    Give your customers a possibility to make a quick purchase, buy tickets, online courses and other digital content, order services, and sign up for your events, webinars, and conferences. And all of the above is available right on Instagram or any other social network!

  • It’s free!

    It’s free!

    No fees and hidden commisions. Just 7 minutes and ready!

And 5 cool options more!

Is the address vacant?

Check out 🔍, if the desired address is free, and create a multi-link

Latin letters, numbers, hyphen, dot, underscore. From 3 to 64 characters.

Who needs our service

  • Online schools and cources
  • Info-businessmen
  • Consultants and trainers
  • Bloggers and content creators
  • Celebrities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • … all social media users!

How to create a multiple link in just 7 minutes

  • 1 step

    Choose one of the vacant names for your page, sign in and get your ID account.
  • 2 step

    Fill in the page with necessary information, contacts and links to your evens or content.
  • 3 step

    Put the link to your ID page into your Instagram profile description or into another social media accounts.

Create a website for Instagram for free!

Our service allows you to create a website for Instagram, that will greatly simplify your interaction with the audience of this rapidly growing social network/

Why is a mini-website useful for Instagram?

  1. Our service will help you to reach a greatest coverage of the audience with a variety of convenient marketingfunctions and also will allow you to create an effective website for Instagram sales.
  2. Additional communication channels: the mini-site will allow the client to choose the most suitable way to communicate and interact with you, not limited to the "Direct" message system. You can easily add the neededmessengers, phone numberand emailto your Instagram website — all in oneclick!
  3. Quick and convenient payments. Such a site for the Instagram store makes it possible to add different methods of payment for goods or services via the Nethouse services. It means that your customers’ shopping will be as comfortable as possible.
  4. To get, to keep, to grow: an Instagram website for smartphone is the best way to turn your followers into your real customers, accidental customers into regular customers and then — into your free "advertising agents".

Service functionality

You can create a website for Instagramonline for free with a ready-made set of functions:

  • multi-links — you can now add more links to goods and promotions, communication channels and accountsin other social networks, special offers and contests to your Instagram account description;
  • messengers — our service will allow you to create smart links to popular instant messaging services, which are in themselves powerful saleschannels. You can also add chat bots for ordering or consulting;
  • the serviceallows youto create links to social media accounts, which will beprocessed by the corresponding applications, and not by the browser. So your visitors will be able to subscribe to your other pages just in one click and interact with theircontent without additional authorization steps;
  • you can create a microlending page for special offers and promotions, add content there, incuding multimedia one, as well as, for example, a list of frequently asked questions with answers;
  • fast payments module for impulsive buyers.

Our service is very easy to use, all functions and actions are pretty intuitive. You can create your own website, add it to your business Instagram account and start increasing conversions in just 15 minutes — and it’s completely free.